Elijah Norton


Elijah Norton started the successor to Veritas back in 2011 in the United States. Over a period of nine years, he has grown his organization from two employees to an organization that makes over $100,000,000 a year in annual revenue and services some of the largest dealer groups in the United States and Canada.  

Elijah is an expert in product development, marketing and delivering superior client services, as well as advanced finance and insurance operations.

As CEO of Veritas WAGAS, Elijah is responsible for working with the CEO and COO to grow and expand Veritas WAGA’s market share, develop and facilitate the creation of new programs and products, and maintain relationships with the clients.

Michal Nowak

Director of Operations

As a former automotive engineer, Michal has the highest technical qualifications related to the topic of company insurance.
He has been responsible for the implementation of numerous GAP insurance and extended warranty programs with major manufacturers, importers, distributors and dealer groups around the world, from areas as diverse as Moscow (Russia) to Santiago (Chile).
Michal has unmatched experience in inventing extended warranty and gap insurance strategies to increase sales penetration and has achieved substantial sales increases with unique solutions that will now be applied by Veritas WAGAS.
Michal is a true expert in the automotive F&I business and as COO he is responsible for overseeing the international strategic operations of Veritas WAGAS.


Director in Chile

Juan has an impressive track record in the insurance and financing industry in Chile going back many years and which he now brings to Veritas-WAGAS. 

His experience covers the organization of insurance programs for car importers, dealers and banks. Juan works as an intermediary for international insurers and negotiates rates, terms and conditions and knows the local market conditions very well. Juan is his first point of contact to discuss business matters with Veritas-WAGAS Chile.

Tel +(569) 8827 9678 

e-mail [email protected]

Joseph Steenbergen

Chief – Vice President

From 2009 to 2011, Joe owned and operated an energy development company called Victor Energy, based in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. From 2012 to 2016, Joe also owned a company based in Denver, Colorado, that sold F&I products nationwide. During that time, the company had sold over 5,000 F&I products.

Prior to entering the energy industry, Joe worked in the finance, technical sales, business development and legal departments of The Boeing Company for over 5 years.

Joe is an expert in business analysis and risk management, bringing a wealth of knowledge to Veritas WAGAS as it continues to expand internationally.

Veritas WAGAS (Warranty & General Administration Services) International Holdings Ltd. is an association of large international MGAs/TPAs that provides a full service for insurers and reinsurers internationally, covering all aspects of third party administration, from business acquisition , the internal IT platform for sales and accounting, fulfillment, production of marketing material, provision of multilingual call centers handling calls from policyholders, bookkeeping, credit control, compliance and of course, claims management.

Our lawyers are CMS Cameron McKenna, who acts for us in all the countries where we are present.

Gross premium sales by members of the shareholding company exceed $85 million in total.